Activities & Worksheets with the tag "Skit creation"

2nd Grade End of Year Skit: passive voice, future tense, past tense, "want to," superlative/comparative, and "will you~?"
This is a two to three class writing and speaking assignment. Students write a skit using the major grammar points of NEW CROWN #2, and then perform it.
What's the matter (advanced)
A revisit of "what's the matter" from second year. Students read a dialog, learn some new vocab, and make their own dialog
What's the Matter Worksheet (New Crown Do It Talk 5)
A "make your own dialog" activity focusing on "What's the matter?"
Would you like ~ : New Crown 3 Do It Talk 2 Review
A sample dialog and skit worksheet using the grammar “would you like ~.” Based on New Crown 3: Do It Talk 2