Activities & Worksheets with the tag "Interview bingo"

Can Interview game
A bingo style interview game for "can you ~"
Future Tense "Going to~" Bingo
A basic interview game / bingo activity practicing "What are you going to do this weekend?"
Gerund Name Bingo
a cocktail bingo game using "do you like ~ing
How do you say ~ info gap/bingo
Students walk around the room and ask each other "How do you say ~ in English/Spanish/Chinese/German. Based on Sunshine 1 lesson 9.
How to Name Bingo
A bingo activity practicing "How to + verb"
Present Perfect (Completion) Interview-Bingo: "Have you done your homework?"
An interview/bingo game practicing the completion form of the present perfect
Which - Bingo
A cocktail game variation of bingo. Students ask what each other likes.