Activities & Worksheets with the tag "Card game"

Abbreviated Relative Pronoun "made in" go fish
Kids play go fish asking "do you have a ~ made in ~"
Do - Go Fish
A "Go Fish" card deck for practicing "Do you like/play/have ~ ?" "Yes, I do / No, I don't"
How are you / emotion cards
Playing cards featuring the emotions “happy, sad, angry, nervous, sleepy, tired, hungry, and busy.” Use these to play “Go Fish” or the “Jyan Ken Card Game”
A vocab centered listening game played in groups. A word is called out, and students slap that card.
Passive Voice Memory
Students play memory by matching an object with the place it is used while reading passive sentences “this is used in ~” and “This is seen in ~ .”
Past Participle (Cheater's) Memory
Students play “memory” and match the root form of verbs with the past participles. Use this when teaching the passive voice or the present perfect.
Relative Pronoun Go Fish
a card game for practicing the relative pronoun. Either "who" or "that" can be used with this.
Superlative / Comparative: Apples to Apples
This is a card game used to practice the superlative, and possibly the comparative. Students match a person with an adjective and say " is the est."
The Jyan Ken Card Game
A cocktail game where students walk around the room, play jyan ken, talk, and win cards