Activities & Worksheets with the tag "Past tense"

Past Tense (Irregular) Writing: Last Saturday
A writing exercise for the irregular past tense
Past or Present Listening Quiz
The ALT reads 10 sentences. Students listen to see if the sentences are in the past or present tense.
Past Tense - "wh" question + did detective
A detective style game, where students walk around the room and ask each other questions about characters written on cards in order to figure out who the robber is. The target is “who/what/when/where + did” questions.
Past Tense - Did you - battleship
A battleship game practicing the grammar "did you ~" and the words "yesterday, last weekend, last week, and last month"
Past tense (irregular) detective game
students walk around the room and ask each other about who did what irregular verb
Past Tense (Irregular) Verbs - Last Saturday
A worksheet that quickly reviews regular past tense verbs, introduces 6 irregulars, and has a writing and interview section.
Past Tense Board Game
A board game for practicing the past tense with regular verbs
Past Tense Listening Quiz (easy)
A past tense listening quiz (matching).