Activities & Worksheets with the tag "Passive voice"

Passive Voice - Who was this made by?
Students walk around the room and ask "who was this made/painted/drawn/written by?"
Passive voice – introduction using money
Illustrate the meaning of the passive voice by showing students different kinds of money and asking “Where is this used? It is used in (country name).”
Passive Voice Board Game
A board game for practicing the passive voice
Passive Voice Memory
Students play memory by matching an object with the place it is used while reading passive sentences “this is used in ~” and “This is seen in ~ .”
Passive Warmup quiz
A quiz/worksheet where students answer who famous things were made by
Past Participle (Cheater's) Memory
Students play “memory” and match the root form of verbs with the past participles. Use this when teaching the passive voice or the present perfect.