Buffalo Bill (variation on fruit basket)
A combination of fruit basket, color tag, and red rover. When a select vocab word is called, students must run to the other side of the gym/field and try not to get tagged.
A vocab centered listening game played in groups. A word is called out, and students slap that card.
Pictionary or “The Picture Game”
A vocabulary centric warmup. A few students draw pictures to express a word, and the other students try to guess what it is.
The Crisscross Game or The Tate-yoko Game
A warm up activity used for reviewing previously learned grammar or vocabulary. The teacher asks the class questions. The students compete to answer questions out loud before each other.
The Fly Swatter Game or The Hae Tataki Game
A warm up activity for reviewing vocabulary or conjugations. A word is announced, and and students race to find it on the blackboard.
The Jyan Ken Card Game
A cocktail game where students walk around the room, play jyan ken, talk, and win cards
The Sentence Game or The Envelope Game
Reading, writing, and grammar practice for any grammar point. Students create sentences from words in an envelope