Junior High School 3rd year

Abbreviated relative clause writing quiz
a good warm up or cool down - A worksheet/quiz with questions such as "what food is liked by the ALT the best"
Abbreviated Relative Pronoun "made in" go fish
Kids play go fish asking "do you have a ~ made in ~"
Call "What do you call this" info gap
Practice for the grammar "We call him Taro." The target phrase is "what do you call this?" / "you call it a ~." Students walk around the room and ask each other how to say certain words in English.
Causative (~ing makes me adj) worksheet
(no description)
How to Name Bingo
A bingo activity practicing "How to + verb"
Indirect Questions Worksheet
A translation worksheet for the indirect question
Past Participle (Cheater's) Memory
Students play “memory” and match the root form of verbs with the past participles. Use this when teaching the passive voice or the present perfect.
Present Perfect (Completion) Interview-Bingo: "Have you done your homework?"
An interview/bingo game practicing the completion form of the present perfect
Present Perfect (Continuous) Bingo
Students play an interview bingo style game using the continuous form of the present perfect. The verbs used are play, like, study, and live.
Present Perfect Experience “How many times have you ~ ?” Board Game
A board game for practicing the present perfect tense expressing experience. The target phrase is “How many times have you ~ ?”
Relative Pronoun Go Fish
a card game for practicing the relative pronoun. Either "who" or "that" can be used with this.
Relative Pronoun Listening Practice
A listening quiz practicing the relative pronoun (as a subject) using either who or that.
Relative Pronoun Matching
A warm up where students match two parts of a sentence. and then translate it to Japanese.
Relative Pronoun quiz
a good warm up or cool down - A worksheet/quiz with questions such as "What is the food that the ALT likes the best?"
Relative pronoun writing worksheet
students combine to independent sentences into one sentence by using "which, who, and whom"
Relative Pronoun: Which, Who, or Whom?
A quick worksheet/quiz where students fill in the blanks with "which," "who," or "whom"
Review: Correct the errors (end of year worksheet)
Kids correct sentences with mistakes. Most advanced grammar contained is "how to"
Want you to - worksheet
A 5 sentence worksheet on "want you to VERB" and "tell you to VERB." Best used as a cool down after an introduction lesson.
What's the matter (advanced)
A revisit of "what's the matter" from second year. Students read a dialog, learn some new vocab, and make their own dialog
Would you like ~ : New Crown 3 Do It Talk 2 Review
A sample dialog and skit worksheet using the grammar “would you like ~.” Based on New Crown 3: Do It Talk 2