Junior High School 2nd year

2nd Grade End of Year Skit: passive voice, future tense, past tense, "want to," superlative/comparative, and "will you~?"
This is a two to three class writing and speaking assignment. Students write a skit using the major grammar points of NEW CROWN #2, and then perform it.
“There is a ~” & Prepositions: Battleship & Writing Exercises
A battleship game and writing worksheet using the dialog “Is there a ~ ?” “Yes, there is/ No, there isn't”. Teaches prepositions “on,” “under,” “in front of,” “behind,” and “next to.”
Comparative Jeopardy
Some questions practicing comparative sentences, such as "Which is older, Ginkakuji or Kinkakuji?"
Do you want to ~ (Using the infinitive as an object) - Battleship
Battleship for practicing "Do you want to ~
Future Tense "Going to~" Bingo
A basic interview game / bingo activity practicing "What are you going to do this weekend?"
Future Tense "Will": Fortune Telling
Students pull fortunes from envelopes, and write out what their fortunes will be.
Future Tense “Will I ~ ?” Board Game
A board game for practicing the future tense using “will.” Can be used as a fortune telling activity as well.
Future Tense Making Predictions
A brief cool down and warm up activity to be spread over two classes. Students make predictions about the next class. At the beginning of the next class, you announce what actually happened, and see who made the most accurate predictions.
Gerund Name Bingo
a cocktail bingo game using "do you like ~ing
Gerund Translation Worksheet
A worksheet where students simply make/translate sentences using the gerund
How much? (Do it talk #4 New Crown)
Students study how to ask the prices and buy things. Warm up with "The price is right," practice a dialog, and then do a work sheet.
Jeopardy Final Term (New Crown)
Jeopardy questions for the final term of second grade. The textbook covered is New Crown 2. Categories include: textbook, teachers, word scramble, anime, and you (self introductory sentences).
Jeopardy Spring Term (New Crown)
Jeopardy questions covering the spring term of 2nd grade.
Looks + adj Battleship
A battleship game for "looks + adj"
Looks + adj listening and writing
A listening and writing exercise using "he looks + adj"
May I ~ - Chutes and Ladders
Students play a Chutes and Ladders style game while asking "May I ~" - New Crown 2 Lesson 7 and Do It Talk 6
Passive Voice - Who was this made by?
Students walk around the room and ask "who was this made/painted/drawn/written by?"
Passive voice – introduction using money
Illustrate the meaning of the passive voice by showing students different kinds of money and asking “Where is this used? It is used in (country name).”
Passive Voice Board Game
A board game for practicing the passive voice
Passive Voice Memory
Students play memory by matching an object with the place it is used while reading passive sentences “this is used in ~” and “This is seen in ~ .”
Passive Warmup quiz
A quiz/worksheet where students answer who famous things were made by
Past Tense (Irregular) Verbs - Last Saturday
A worksheet that quickly reviews regular past tense verbs, introduces 6 irregulars, and has a writing and interview section.
Superlative / Comparative: Apples to Apples
This is a card game used to practice the superlative, and possibly the comparative. Students match a person with an adjective and say " is the est."
What's the Matter Worksheet (New Crown Do It Talk 5)
A "make your own dialog" activity focusing on "What's the matter?"
Which - Bingo
A cocktail game variation of bingo. Students ask what each other likes.
Which do you like - find your partner
Students write their preferences on a worksheet. The worksheets are given to different students. The students then try to find the owner of the worksheet by asking “which do you like”