Junior High School 1st year

Can Interview game
A bingo style interview game for "can you ~"
Can: "In Salt Lake City You Can ~"
This is a group activity where students write 6 sentences about what they can and cannot do in a specified location.
Days of the week - find your partner
a "find your partner" game (32 cards included) using for asking "When do you~" or "What day do you ~?"
Do - Go Fish
A "Go Fish" card deck for practicing "Do you like/play/have ~ ?" "Yes, I do / No, I don't"
Does Battleship
A battleship game for "does"
General Verbs – listening quiz
Students listen to sentences using “play, like, & have” (e.g. “I play baseball. I like fish. I have a ball. Who am I?”) and match the description with a person.
General Verbs “Have, like, & play” - who am I?
Practice for the so called “general verbs” “have,” “like,” and “play.” Students pick a character, and one student gives hints about his character, while the other one guesses who he is.
Guess Who (young/old, strong, sad, rich, smart, boy, girl)
"Guess Who" - a two player guessing game using yes or no questions. Possible uses include pronoun practice and adj. practice.
How are you / emotion cards
Playing cards featuring the emotions “happy, sad, angry, nervous, sleepy, tired, hungry, and busy.” Use these to play “Go Fish” or the “Jyan Ken Card Game”
How do you say ~ info gap/bingo
Students walk around the room and ask each other "How do you say ~ in English/Spanish/Chinese/German. Based on Sunshine 1 lesson 9.
Jeopardy (last term - covers all of New Crown 1)
Jeopardy Questions covering all of New Crown 1. Categories include "textbook, teachers, word scramble, anime, and 'you'(self introductory sentences)."
Numbers and body parts: "How many" with aliens
Each student gets an alien taped to his back. They then walk around the classroom and ask each other how much of each body part they have.
Objective Pronouns "He likes her"
Review Objective Pronouns (me, him, her) with a little worksheet, and then some scrambled sentences.
Past or Present Listening Quiz
The ALT reads 10 sentences. Students listen to see if the sentences are in the past or present tense.
Past Tense - "wh" question + did detective
A detective style game, where students walk around the room and ask each other questions about characters written on cards in order to figure out who the robber is. The target is “who/what/when/where + did” questions.
Past Tense - Did you - battleship
A battleship game practicing the grammar "did you ~" and the words "yesterday, last weekend, last week, and last month"
Past tense (irregular) detective game
students walk around the room and ask each other about who did what irregular verb
Past Tense (Irregular) Writing: Last Saturday
A writing exercise for the irregular past tense
Past Tense Board Game
A board game for practicing the past tense with regular verbs
Past Tense Listening Quiz (easy)
A past tense listening quiz (matching).
Schools in America
A quiz/lesson on schools in America. Can be used as a long warmup.
The Buzz Game (numbers, days of the week, months)
Groups of students count from one to a set number. Along the way, there are numbers they are not allowed to say. The first group to finish counting without making a mistake wins.
What time do you ~?
a "find your partner" game (40 cards included) using for asking "what time do you ~?"
What time is it? (notes and worksheet)
A short explanation and worksheet outlining the three forms of telling time (e.g. It's five o' clock, It's five o' three, It's five thirty)
Where is ~? and basic prepositions
This is a worksheet (and possibly a lesson) covering the phrase "where is ~" and the prepositions "near," "under," "on," and "next to." Students describe where objects are in a room.