Past Tense - "wh" question + did detective


A detective style game, where students walk around the room and ask each other questions about characters written on cards in order to figure out who the robber is. The target is “who/what/when/where + did” questions.

Materials Needed

  • cards – print and cut before class - one card per student
  • worksheets – one per student



In this activity, students will ask the following 4 questions to practice using “wh” question words with “did.”

“Who did you see?”

“When did you see him/her?”

“What did he/she have?”

“Where did he/she go?”


1.Give each student a copy of the worksheet, and a single card.

2.Tell the kids a brief story about the worksheet if you like. There was a robbery, and there are a number of suspects. The suspects were seen at the train station, going to different places. The students must ask questions about the suspects in order to find out which one is guilty.

3.Read over the worksheet with the students to make sure they understand it. Read and pronounce the names of the 4 characters. Read and repeat the questions in the left hand column with the students and make sure they understand them and can say them. Read the possible answers in the rest of the table.

4.Have the students stand up and walk around the room. When they meet another student, they should ask the other student the questions in the left column on the worksheet, and answer based on the card they have. The students then circle the answers on the worksheet.

5.Under each answer on the worksheet is a number in a pair of parenthesis. When the students have completed the worksheet, have them add up the points for all the circled answers. They should do this for each character, and then write in the totals on the bottom line. The character with the highest score is the robber. The correct answer is Bill.


Make sure that students use English, and do not just copy each other's cards.


This activity uses clipart from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology's "Clipart ETC" website. If you like what you see, and would like to find similar clipart please visit their site at

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