Which do you like - find your partner


Students write their preferences on a worksheet. The worksheets are given to different students. The students then try to find the owner of the worksheet by asking “which do you like”


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Do it Talk 1
  • Sunshine Grade 1 - Program 5.2

Materials Needed

  • worksheet (1 per student)



1. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Tell the students NOT to write their names on the worksheet. Read over the contents aloud with the class. Read each number as a question, e.g. “which do you like, cats or dogs? Which do you like, apples or oranges?” After reading each question, have the students circle their own preference.

2. Have the students write any number in the boxes at the bottom of the worksheet. Have them memorize their number.

3. Collect the papers, shuffle them, and re-distribute them amongst the students so that each student gets a random worksheet belonging to someone else.

4. Have the students stand up, and walk around the room and try to find the original owners of the worksheets. To do this, they should ask other students each question on the sheet in English. When they think they've found the original owner of the worksheet, they may use the number at the bottom of the page to confirm it.

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