The Crisscross Game or The Tate-yoko Game


A warm up activity used for reviewing previously learned grammar or vocabulary. The teacher asks the class questions. The students compete to answer questions out loud before each other.

Materials Needed

  • None


Most classrooms are laid out with the desks in rows; if your classroom isn't, you will want the students to move their desks so that they are arranged in rows.

Ask the students in one (vertical) row of desks to stand up, then ask them a question regarding previously covered material. If a student who is standing raises his hand, and answers the question correctly, he can sit down. Ask another question, and continue in this fashion until only one student is left standing. Then make the row horizontal to that student stand up, and ask them some questions. Continue in this way (vertical row, horizontal row, vertical row...) until you've reviewed everything you want to, and then finish.


Be sure to give the last kid standing in one round priority at the beginning of the next round.