Would you like ~ : New Crown 3 Do It Talk 2 Review


A sample dialog and skit worksheet using the grammar “would you like ~.” Based on New Crown 3: Do It Talk 2


  • New Crown Grade 3 - Do It Talk 2

Materials Needed

  • worksheet
  • Props (optional)



This worksheet contains two sample dialogs using “would you like~,” based on New Crown 3: Do It Talk 2. The second page highlights the key sentences, and gives the students a space to write the meanings of the sentences, and then create their own dialog. The third page is a word bank, featuring (mostly) food related vocabulary. This was used as a review lesson for Do It Talk 2, so it is probably a little too difficult if you are covering the material for the first time. If you have really smart and motivated kids though, it might be workable.

Demonstrate the dialogs on the first page with your JTE. Go through the dialogs sentence by sentence and make sure that your students understand them. A good way to do this is to ask them to translate or summarize it in Japanese.

Discuss the meanings of the key sentences on the second page, and fill in the spaces next to them.

Read the dialogs together with the students 1-2 times. Have the students underline the key sentences in the dialogs

Have them write their own dialog using the space on the second page, and the word bank. Write any words they ask about on the blackboard. Have them draw pictures of the two characters in their dialog at the bottom of the second page.

If time permits, have a few students come up and present their dialogs in front of the class.


Creating dialogs in class requires very motivated students. If your students are a bit slow, or not very motivated, it would be best to go with a simpler activity.

Some students might need some hand holding. Be prepared to help them along with directions like "First you need a greeting, so how do you say konnichiwa in English?" "maybe your character should offer him some food here," "What does he want to eat? Something normal? Something funny?"

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