Relative Pronoun Listening Practice


A listening quiz practicing the relative pronoun (as a subject) using either who or that.


  • New Crown Grade 3 - Lesson 6.3
  • Sunshine Grade 3 - Program 8

Materials Needed

  • worksheet



0. Before class, decide your own answers and sentences for this quiz. Sentences should be in the form of "Pat is a [boy/girl/man] who [plays baseball/ has a camera/ has money/ lives in New York/ lives in Tokyo / knows Taro]." "That" can be substituted for who (changing "a" to "the" makes it more natural).

1. Hand out the worksheet, and say the sentences aloud.

2. Review answers.


* The original images files are contained in this zip file. The master image used to produce all of them is "guess who base.xcf" which can be opened and edited with The GIMP, available for free at (for those working from the office a USB drive version might be helpful ). Additional things that can be added to the image already are: a beard, dirt, a smile, and a surprised mouth. You are also free to create your own items to add to the images.

* If you do create your own images, you may need to resize them. I would recommend using "ImageMagick" for this (free at ) To quickly do this, copy all the images to a new folder. Copy "mogrify" from ImageMagick to the new folder. Go to the command line and navigate to that folder. Type "mogrify -resize (DESIRED NEW WIDTH HERE) *.png" and press enter.

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