Present Perfect (Completion) Interview-Bingo: "Have you done your homework?"


An interview/bingo game practicing the completion form of the present perfect


  • New Crown Grade 3 - Do it Talk 3.1
  • Sunshine Grade 3 - Program 1.1

Materials Needed

  • Worksheet



1. Pass out worksheet

2. Show the students an example of how to play

a. pick a cell (e.g. do your homework)

b. ask your partner (e.g. have you done your homework?

c. if your partner answers "yes" then write his name in the cell

d. Five in a row = bingo

3. Read (and repeat) through the contents of all the cells and check for comprehension.

4. Have the students stand up, wander around the room, and ask as many people as possible

5. Before it gets too boring (~10-15 min), have the students sit down, and poll the class regarding who won. If you like you can have the winners report their answers (e.g."Taro has done his homework")


Make sure the students don't use Japanese.

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