Which - Bingo


A cocktail game variation of bingo. Students ask what each other likes.


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Do it Talk 1
  • Sunshine Grade 1 - Program 5.2

Materials Needed

  • Worksheet



1. Pass out worksheet. Read and repeat the contents of each cell in the table, and make sure that the students understand the meaning of all the words.

2. For each cell, the students must circle one option. For example, in the "apples or oranges" cell, I would circle "apples" because I prefer them over oranges. Cells near the bottom of the table have more than two options; students should still only circle one option per cell.

3. Once students have chosen an option for each cell, have them go about the room and ask each other about what they circled. In our "apples or oranges" example, a student would ask me "which do you like apples or oranges?" I would reply "I like apples." If the student also likes apples more than oranges, he writes my name in the cell. For cells with angle brackets, such as " comics or novels," students should ask in a "which _kind_of_book_ do you like? Comics or novels?" format.

4. If a student fills a row, column, or diagonal with names, he gets the number of points indicated at the top or side of the table. E.g. the top row = 1 point. The bottom row = 10 points.

5. After a few students have gained some points, have them sit down and announce the winner.


You could tack on "the most" or "the best" at the end of the pattern sentences to make this a superlative focused activity.


Though it sounds difficult it's actually quite simple. An example is probably the best way to explain it. A small example is included on page two. Be sure to replace "ALT" and "ENGLISH TEACHER" with real names. In the top example circle "apples" with a pen and handwrite your English teacher's name in the square before copying the worksheet.

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