Passive Warmup quiz


A quiz/worksheet where students answer who famous things were made by


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Lesson 8.3
  • Sunshine Grade 3 - Program 3.3

Materials Needed

  • worksheet



This is a worksheet where students fill in the blanks to makes sentences such a s "The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci."

Give the worksheet to the kids and have them fill it out. You can read it aloud and do it together to make it a warm up quiz, or you can let them do it quietly as a cool down / end of class review.

Questions contained are:

1. Who was the Mona Lisa painted by?

It was _painted_ by ______________________________________

2. Who was Romeo & Juliet written by?

It was _________ by __________________________________

3. Who was Botchan written by?

It _____ __________ by _______________________________

4. Who was the airplane(飛行機) invented by?

It ______ __________ by ______________________________

5. Who was the light bulb(電球) invented by?

It ______ _________ ____ ___________________________

6. Who was Kinkakuji built by?

____ ______ ________ ____ _________________________

7. Who is One Piece drawn by?

It is _________ by _____________________________________

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