May I ~ - Chutes and Ladders


Students play a Chutes and Ladders style game while asking "May I ~" - New Crown 2 Lesson 7 and Do It Talk 6

Materials Needed

  • One game board per group of students (print up on A3 paper)
  • One die per group of students
  • One token/pawn per student (students can use their own erasers)



This game is basically Chutes and Ladders without the Chutes. Students roll a die to advance. When they land on a new space, they may choose to make a sentence based on the phrase written in the space e.g. "May I [play video games]?"

If they choose not to make a sentence, or are unable to, they stay where they are.

If they make the sentence, they roll the die again. Odd numbers correspond to "yes, you may," while even numbers correspond to "no, you may not." If a student gets a "yes, you may" they jump to the next identical space and end their turn. Otherwise they advance two spaces as a reward for using the English. The first student to the end wins.


A common problem with board games is that students believe they need to roll the exact number of spaces between their current position and the finish to win. You may want to tell them that this isn't necessary, and overshooting is still winning.

Getting the students to use the English is all in the way you present the rules to them. Remember, students are not penalized for not using English; they are rewarded for using English. If you penalize them for not using English, they will all agree to cheat together. If you reward them for using English, they'll protect their own bonus points and enforce the rules.

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