Jeopardy Spring Term (New Crown)


Jeopardy questions covering the spring term of 2nd grade.


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Lesson 1 - Lesson 9

Materials Needed

  • None



Jeopardy July 2009

Word Scramble

1. greal large

2.ginth thing


4.rentfifed different

5.geersintintn interesting


1.What did Emma play (everyday in Australia)? She played netball

2.Where did Ken's uncle go? He went to Sydney

3.What did Emma buy (in Australia?) She bought a map and a glass

4.What was Paul writing (in shodo class)? He was writing tomodachi

5.What is Ming going to do tomorrow? He is going to ride his bike along the river.


1.What did you do last weekend?

2.What are you going to do next weekend?

3.What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

4.What will do you over your summer vacation?

5.Please introduce yourself. Tell me:

1.your name old you are

3.what club you are in

4.where you live

5.what school you go to

6.what time will you go home

Pictionary / gesture game


1.In One Piece, why is Luffie a gomuningen? Because he ate the gomugomu mi

2.Who wrote Tetsuwan Atomu? Tezuka Osamu wrote it bleach, who were the shinigami going to kill? Rukia

4.In Naruto, how many chakura gates are there? There are 8 chakura gates

5.How many Pokemon are there? There are 493

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