Gerund Name Bingo


a cocktail bingo game using "do you like ~ing


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Lesson 6.1
  • Sunshine Grade 2 - Program 7.1

Materials Needed

  • Worksheet (2 bingo grids per page)



1. Give each student a copy of the worksheet (cut in half).

2. Students walk around the room and play rock paper scissors. The student who wins gets to ask the question in the dialog at the top of the worksheet

"Do you like ~ing?" "Yes, I do. No, I don't"

3. If the other student answers yes, the first student writes the second student's name in that block on the worksheet.

4. If a student gets four in a row, he gets a point.


May want to read the contents of the bingo grid with the class once to make sure they understand it. Also, caution them that they need to add "ing" to the words in the squares.

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