Do you want to ~ (Using the infinitive as an object) - Battleship


Battleship for practicing "Do you want to ~


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Lesson 5.1
  • Sunshine Grade 2 - Program 6.1

Materials Needed

  • Battleship worksheet
  • Blank or lined paper
  • Flash cards for occupations (not supplied)
  • Food props (not supplied)
  • National Flags (not supplied)



0. Quickly review occupations with flash cards, and play some pictionary to really drive them home

1. Have a sample dialogue with the JTE

JTE: What do you want to eat?

ALT: I want to eat a hamburger (produce a hamburger prop from a bag)

(repeat with other foods)

JTE: Where do you want to go?

ALT: I want to go to China (hold up Chinese flag)

(repeat with other countries)

what do you want to be...

2. Write up target on the board, and ask students what it means. Provide answer if necessary.

3. Pattern practice with the above sentences and props

4. Once you are sure the students have it down, pass out the Battleship worksheet and have the JTE explain it to save time. I chose to let the students have 4 ships that are one cell big. You can change the rules according to your needs and preferences. Students try to hit each other's ships by making a "do you want to (row) (cell)" sentence.

5. Once students finish playing, have them write "I want to" sentences, using the locations of their own ships.


Vary the cell contents on the worksheet, and rules to your liking.


Class was a little short sometimes. Some students move very quickly, while some are very slow. You may wish to be very explicit about the model sentences "do you want to" and "I want to." Sometimes students were confused and didn't know exactly what sort of sentence they were supposed to be writing at the end of the lesson.

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