Comparative Jeopardy


Some questions practicing comparative sentences, such as "Which is older, Ginkakuji or Kinkakuji?"


  • New Crown Grade 2 - Lesson 7.1
  • Sunshine Grade 2 - Program 8.1

Materials Needed

  • None



Which is older, Ginkakuji or Kinkakuji? (Kinkakuji 1397 vs 1397)

Which is wider, the Nile river or the Amazon river? (Amazon)

Which is taller, Angel Falls or Niagara Falls? (Angel Falls)

Which is bigger, Shinjuku station or Nagoya station? (Nagoya station)

Which is taller Mount Fuji or Mount Everest? (Everest)

Which does the ALT like better, Cats or dogs?

Which does the JTE like more, action movies or romance movies?

Which does the ALT like better, rock and roll or hip hop?

Which does the JTE like better, tennis or badminton?

Which does the ALT like more, French food or Italian food?

Which is bigger, a lion or a tiger? (tiger)

Which is faster, a grizzly bear or a person? (bear - 40 km)

Which is faster, a cheetah or a dog? (cheetah)

Which is longer, a whale or a shark? (whale)

Which is more dangerous, a black widow or a mukade? (black widow) (most kids don’t know what a black widow is)

Which is bigger, a ukulele or a guitar? (guitar)

Which is deeper, a tuba or a trumpet? (tuba)

Which is higher, a guitar or a bass? (guitar)

Which is bigger, an organ or a piano? (organ)

Which is higher, a horn or a saxophone? (sax)


You can turn this into a betting game as well. Split the class into groups, and have them bet points on each question.

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