2nd Grade End of Year Skit: passive voice, future tense, past tense, "want to," superlative/comparative, and "will you~?"


This is a two to three class writing and speaking assignment. Students write a skit using the major grammar points of NEW CROWN #2, and then perform it.

Materials Needed

  • Worksheet
  • (dictionaries / back of textbook recommended)



Break this assignment up into at least two class periods.

class 1:

Pass out worksheet, perform example skit for students, and explain assignment.

Break students into lunch groups, and have them get to work.

Walk around the classroom and help students.

Make this homework if students do not finish in time.

Collect assignment and make corrections sometime before next class

class 2:

Ask students to perform skit in front of the class, and grade them according to your own rubric


(Post Script: This lesson didn't go terribly well. Make sure your students are up to the challenge of doing this before you decide to use it)

Students can be unimaginative at times. If a group is having a hard time making a story, suggest plots and dialog.

Write words students ask about on the board. Vocabulary can be a problem.

To warm kids up, do a vocabulary building/review exercises beforehand

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