What time do you ~?


a "find your partner" game (40 cards included) using for asking "what time do you ~?"


  • New Crown Grade 1 - Lesson 4
  • Sunshine Grade 1 - Program 4 Let's Communicate 2

Materials Needed

  • The attached cards (40 provided. You will need 1 per student)



1. Print and shuffle the attached cards. Give each student one card face down.

2. Read the left hand side of the cards with the students so they understand it. Practice using "what time do you ~" with the phrases on the left, e.g. "What time do you study English?"

3. Each card is one of a pair. The students stand up and walk around the room asking each other about their cards. When a student finds another person with the same card, they should come to the front of the class room to prove that they have finished to the teacher.


* Review the dialog and how to tell time with the students well before starting the activity. The times on the cards contain 3 sentence patterns (at one o'clock, at one oh five/five past one, at one thirty). Make sure students can say all of them.

* Make sure students don't cheat and use Japanese, or look at each other's cards

* If you have fewer than 40 students, take the remaining cards yourself, and play the game while checking all your cards. That way each student still has a partner (though it might be you).

* If you have more than 40 students, print up an extra copy of the cards, and simply have the students make groups of three instead of pairs.

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