What time is it? (notes and worksheet)


A short explanation and worksheet outlining the three forms of telling time (e.g. It's five o' clock, It's five o' three, It's five thirty)


  • New Crown Grade 1 - Do It Talk 4
  • Sunshine Grade 1 - Program 4 Let's Communicate 2

Materials Needed

  • worksheet



read worksheet with the class and explain it as you go. Drill them on one pattern at a time on the black board until they get it. It should only take maybe 6 drills per pattern to get it down fairly well. Then have them write out how to read the times printed at the bottom of the sheet.


First graders are unlikely to know how to spell the names of numbers. Most textbooks will have a page that lists the spellings of them. Refer your students to this page before you have them start writing.

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