General Verbs – listening quiz


Students listen to sentences using “play, like, & have” (e.g. “I play baseball. I like fish. I have a ball. Who am I?”) and match the description with a person.


  • New Crown Grade 1 - Lesson 3.1

Materials Needed

  • Worksheet



In this activity the students match a sentence with a character on the worksheet. The verbs practiced are “use,” “play,” and “like.” This can be used as a warm up, or a quiz for a grade if you like.

Before class, look over the worksheet and make sure that you understand it. The pictures beside each character describes him. The first picture is the sport he plays, the second picture is the food he likes, and the third picture is the object he has. For example, Tom plays baseball, likes fish, and has a ball. Likewise, Jim plays tennis, likes pizza, and has a ball.

Decide on an order to describe the sentences. These are your answers. If you describe Jim first, he is the answer to question 1. If you describe Naomi second, she is the answer to question number 2.

In class, hand out the worksheet and give the quiz by describing the characters in the first person. E.g. “Number one: I play tennis. I like pizza. I have a ball. Who am I? (Answer: Luigi)” “Number two: I play tennis. I like pizza. I have a suitcase. Who am I? (Answer: Namoi)”

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