Past Tense Board Game


A board game for practicing the past tense with regular verbs


  • New Crown Grade 1 - Lesson 9
  • Sunshine Grade 2 - Program 1-1

Materials Needed

  • a copy of the game board for each group
  • one die per group
  • have each student produce an ersaser or something to be his or her token



Before starting this activity, make sure the kids know and can read the names of the countries on the board.

have the kids roll the die to advance. When they land on a square, they can choose to convert the sentence to the past tense. If they say the sentence in the past tense, they can move forward two spaces. Otherwise they just stay on that square.


The trick to getting the kids to say the sentences is to reward them for it, rather than punishing them for not doing it. Don't require them to make the sentence, but give students who say the sentence a significant edge over those who don't.


This board game is based off of one found on Englipedia ( The text and images have been changed, but the layout is the same. The original is "Past Tense Dice Game" and can be found at . "Past Tense Dice Game" was submitted by Lynn Bunter, and originally inspired by or borrowed from Lanternfish.

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